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Church Update


Whats Going On:

*Wednesday evenings at 7PM, we are teaching the “Fundamentals of the Faith” (Gary Chaffins)

*Sunday evenings at 6PM, we are teaching through the “Perseverance of the Saints”  (Brad Howerton)

*Sunday mornings, we are teaching on “The Sovereignty of God” in our sunday school class starting at 9:30AM (Brad Howerton), and are expositing the book of 1 John during our sunday morning services starting at 10:30AM. (Kevin Hay)

(We also have a Junior Church service during our sunday morning worship service.)

We’re convinced that the majority of people are tired of the shallow and superficial preaching and teaching that goes on in so many churches today. We are a small growing church looking for people who are committed to devoting their lives to the Word of God with an understanding that the Church is to reflect the character of God Himself

Here’s a sample of what we’re about here at The Grace Community Church:. 

*Expositional Preaching *Biblical Theology *Evangelism
Promotion of Christian Discipleship and Growth  

Please visit our site www.thegracecommunity.com for more information about us, a more concise explanation of our doctrinal positions as well as our vision.

Grace Community Santuary

Located: 2502 Grandview Ave. on the corner of Grandview and 25th street.
Contact Us:  bradhowerton@thegracecommunity.com; garychaffins@thegracecommunity.com; kevinhay@thegracecommunity.com



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1st John 5:2-5

1st John 5:2-5

Sunday   11-01-2009

Sermon by Kevin Hay

“We are overcomers”

We hope this weeks sermon will bring you hope and encouragement!

Part 1


Part 2


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