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Bible Quiz #2

Bible Quiz #2

by Brad Howerton


            As you take these quizzes, remember that we’re gonna throw a few curveballs at ya’. Be Careful not to fall into imposing onto the text (eisegesis), but rather draw out what God is saying through His Word.


1) Please locate a scriptural example that teaches anyone to pray for the salvation of the wicked, or to pray for sinners to be born-again.


2) If it is indeed true that the “flesh profits nothing” (John 6:63), exactly what “fleshly” action can turn someone from hell towards heaven?


3) Please locate the passage in which Jesus or one of the apostles approached an unbeliever and said “God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life”.


4) Please locate one passage in which Jesus says to an unrepentant sinner “God loves you”.


5) Please locate the passage that states “God hates the sin but loves the sinner”.


6) Does Proverbs 6:15-19 say that God hates just the actions themselves?


7) What or who is it that God says He hates in Psalm 5:5?


8) If all someone has to do to be saved is “call upon the Lord”, why didn’t the Lord save David’s enemies when they cried unto Him? (Psalm 18:40-41)


9) In Isaiah 55:1, God says “Everyone who thirsts, come to the waters”, Is that an invitation to those who don’t thirst?


10) In Matt.11:28, Jesus says “Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest”, Is that an invitation to those who don’t labor and are heavy laden?


11) In Matt.9:13, Jesus says “For I did not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance”. Does that mean that He didn’t come to call everybody?


12) Please locate the passage that states that it is “ok with God” to misrepresent His Word just as long as one has “good intentions”.


13) Do you think that Uzzah had “good intentions”? (2 Sam.6:1-8)


14) Do you think that it is alright to not strive to be as Biblical as possible?


15) What did the Master say to the servant who buried what the Master had given him? (Matt.25:26)


16) Do you have a Bible?


17) What do you think the Master will say to you?


18) Please locate the passage encouraging one to be “open minded”.


19) Is it possible to be too “open minded”?


20) Is it wrong or a sin to be “narrow minded”? Isn’t the Truth narrow? (Matt.7:13,14) 


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Bible Quiz #1

Bible Quiz  I

by Brad Howerton


            Crack open your Bibles, pull out the concordances, software tools, etc. and let’s see what you know…


1) Where does the Bible say to come to Jesus before it’s too late?


2) Where is the Biblical text that states to accept Jesus as your personal savior?


3) Where does the Bible mention a “personal savior” at all?


4) Is there any other kind of savior other than a personal one? What other kind of savior is there?


5) Please locate the Biblical text that is often quoted; “Whosoever will may come”.


6) Please locate an example of Jesus begging someone to come to Him.


7) Please locate an example of an altar call as so many churches today employ.


8) Was the call to repent or believe an invitation or a command?


9) Why do many people speak of “finding” Jesus?


10) Who does the Bible say does the “finding/seeking”?


11) Please locate one example of Jesus or any of the apostles using a “tear-jerking”  illustration when speaking to the lost.


12) Were the parables used as “sermon illustrations” to help make His teachings plain?    (Mark 4:11-12)


13) How many sermons on “God’s Love” are recorded in the book of Acts?


14) Please locate the verse that states to “open your heart and let Jesus come in”.


15) Please locate an example of Jesus or any of the apostles singing a song to prepare  the audiences hearts to receive a message.


16) Please locate the verse that says to give your heart to God.


17) Who was it that opened Lydia’s heart? (Acts 16:14)


18) What does it mean to be Biblical/Scriptural?


19) Do you care?


20) Do you think God cares?

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I will admit, this is a fair question to be asking.  You can hardly cross a street in Portsmouth without at least coming with-in a stone’s throw of one church or another.

There are “good” Churches in the area

Being raised in the Church, I have been blessed enough to be able to attend and work with some great churches.  I am very thankful for the opportunity and experience that God allowed me to have.  I am very excited to work hand in hand as one body with other Churches as we have been called to do so.

God has truly called and prepared us for this ministry.

I remember many conversations that I had with some of my close friends about my desire to plant a biblical based Church (sounds odd huh?) I must admit I wasn’t sure if it would ever happen, however, through a series of circumstances God started opening and shutting doors allowing us to know “for sure” that this is what He wanted.  We can honestly say that there is nothing that we can boast in during this church plant.  He was the one in charge!

The world as we know it today is blinded -walking around on a leash being led by the “god of this world”

Over the last few years of study, there was one Biblical truth that changed my entire view of human nature.  I came to the realization that man is not good.  The Bible is very clear on this subject (Depravity of Man).  We, like our first parents, have taken the creation that God deemed as good and turned it into the devils playground.  Here are a few things that come to mind:

We are living in a time where Morality is completely replaced by the word “Freedom”

-Over 4,000 babies are aborted in the US every 24hrs and we call it the “right to choose”

-The institution of Marriage has been stomped on and we call it equality

-We have accepted many ways to one God and called it “Freedom of Religion”

-The very basis of Morality is now nothing more than your opinion-

 We are living in a time of Economic Crisis-People are hurting

-The entire “world” system is controlled by greed.

 -Un Employment is at an all time high-families are hurting

-Seniors have to decide between their medications or a tank of gas

 We are living in a Post Modern Society (no absolutes)

-You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want-just as long as you believe something. We have somehow allowed belief in something to constitute it as truth.  This can get pretty crazy! (We can thank our Public Educational system for teaching your children this)

 We are living in a time that very core of Christianity is under attack

-From Creation to the Cross- Science is doing everything possible to disprove the beginning, thinking that they will be exempt in the end

-People are expressing more hostility, doubt, frustration and skepticism toward Christianity – and this is particularly true among young people.

– Their perceptions of Church are filled with images of judgmentalism, hypocritical lifestyles and political activism.

-They conclude that Christianity is old-fashioned, boring and unintelligent, and see no difference between it and the world therefore they stay away.
These thoughts are striking and rightfully depressing, but we must ask ourselves, Is it true?  I submit to you that this is reality.  Which now poses the question, Are we prepared to counter these attacks? Unfortunately, I have my concerns…. I’ve listed just a few:

 -We have comprised on the very social issues that the history of the church has fought to defend—and allowed it to creep into our church-even behind our pulpits.

-We have replaced the biblical and historical theological positions of the Church with a shallow understanding of the scriptures in the name of unity.

-We have made salvation nothing more than a raise of hand, repeated prayer or a trip to the altar.

-We have become the culture in the name of relevance.

-We have replaced the meat of the scriptures with the fine tunes of Gospel Music.  Therefore forcing men into a superficial spiritual feeling that can and will lead them into emotionalism. We wonder why our bark is without a bite!

-We have replaced evangelism with a nice church sign. Only 2% of professing Christians share their faith on a regular basis. (Barna Research)

-Traditional and legalistic teaching has flooded the Church, leaving man with a false understanding of Holiness.

So why start another Church?

I believe that the Gospel of the scriptures is the Gospel that has the power to change lives.  The apostles preached it with confidence.  This same Gospel was used to changed lives throughout the historical “Great Awakenings” by the reformers, which could be noted as the greatest revivals in human history.  This Gospel carries power, it never fades nor weakens, it’s not based upon being relevant to the culture and it cannot return void.  We believe that this Gospel is still to be preached today even with the cultural battle at hand. We also believe that the Word of God is the final authority in all things and is how God has chosen to reveal Himself to us in order that we may be conformed to the image of His Son by growing us in sanctification. That’s why it must be handled with care and must be the pinnacle of the Church.  With God’s Grace and Help; we vow to our community that we will be true to the following principles to best help our congregation “grow in grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” (2 Peter 3:18).
1.  Expositional Preaching
This is preaching which expounds what Scripture says in a particular passage, carefully explaining its meaning and applying it to the congregation. It is a commitment to hearing God’s Word and to recovering the centrality of it in our worship.

2.  Biblical Theology
Paul charges Titus to “teach what is in accord with sound doctrine” (Titus 2:1). Our concern should be not only with how we are taught, but with what we are taught. Biblical theology is a commitment to know the God of the Bible as He has revealed Himself in Scripture.

3.  Biblical Understanding of the Good News
The gospel is the heart of Christianity.  But the good news is not that God wants you to be rich or help you develop a healthier self-image. We have sinfully rebelled against our Creator and Judge.  Yet He has graciously sent His Son to die the death we deserved for our sin, and He has credited forgiveness to those who repent of their sins and believe in Jesus’ death and resurrection. That is the good news.
4.  Biblical Understanding of Conversion
The spiritual change each person needs is so radical, so near the root of us, that only God can do it. It’s more than a few tears or an uplifted hand. It’s a change of mind about sin…you know love the things you once hated and hate the things you once loved.  Conversion need not be an emotionally heated experience, but it must evidence itself in godly fruit if it is to be what the Bible regards as a true conversion.

5.  Biblical Understanding of Evangelism
How someone shares the gospel is closely related to how he understands the gospel. To present it as an additive that gives non-Christians something they naturally want (i.e. joy or peace) is to present a half-truth, which creates false conversions. The whole truth is that our deepest need is spiritual life, and that new life only comes by repenting of our sins and believing in Jesus. We present the gospel openly, and leave the converting to God.

7.  Biblical Church Discipline
Church discipline gives parameters to church membership. The idea seems negative to people today –But if we cannot say how a Christian should not live, how can we say how he or she should live? Each local church actually has a biblical responsibility to judge the life and teaching of its leaders, and even of its members, lack of discipline could compromise the church’s witness to the gospel. 

8.  Promotion of Christian Discipleship and Growth
Not with growing numbers, but with growing it’s members in the grace and knowledge of our Lord, Jesus Christ. 

9.  Biblical Understanding of Leadership
What eighteenth-century Baptists and Presbyterians often agreed upon was that there should be a plurality of elders in each local church. This plurality of elders is not only biblical, but practical — it has the immense benefit of rounding out the pastor’s gifts to ensure the proper shepherding of God’s church.


Grace Community Mission Statement:

The purpose of this church is to glorify the God of the Scriptures in promoting His Worship, evangelizing sinners, and edifying saints. To this end we are committed to proclaiming God’s perfect law and His glorious Gospel of Grace in Jesus Christ throughout the world, and to defending the “faith once delivered unto the saints”
 (Jude 3).


-Gary Chaffins

 *I will elaborate more on the details of this article in future blogs.

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Grace CommunityWe “thank you” for stopping by and checking out our new blog.  We are new at this, so please bear with us as we try to figure all of this out!!  Please check out our blog rules before making comments.

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